Custody Dispute

Sadly, as many of you know I have had to go to extensive lengths to retain time with my daughter. I have heard from numerous sources some untrue statements about my intentions. I’m left feeling a bit defensive since I know the truth. Of course the 1st amendment guarantee's us all the right to have different viewpoints and express them. Here are a few of the actual court documents and you can decide how you feel about who is being unreasonable or not?


The FATHERS proposed Parenting plan

Attached is my proposed parenting plan. It is called a “Parallel Plan” designed to minimize communication and conflict between parties. It was designed with the help of a professional who specializes in these things. It was also designed to honor both the father and mother’s right to spend time and make decisions with the our daughter.

Michelle is the Best at Everything.png

THe MOTHERS proposed Parenting plan to the court

Michelle argued in court that “children develop just fine with as little as 25% of the time spent with the father”. You will note that she attempts to minimize the fathers time and wants 100% control over all aspect.