5 Things Every Business Coach Needs to Teach


You don’t have to be a Fortune 500 CEO to benefit from the life coaching business.
The life coaching business evolved out of the idea that most people need a sounding board, but not everyone needs a shrink. Right? Humans are meant to interact, and usually we get perspective when we bounce ideas off someone we respect.
Sometimes the people I encounter confuse coaching with counseling. The life coachingbusiness differs from counseling in many ways, but the most significant one is that a psychiatrist delves into your past to find the root causes of your unhappiness. A life coach focuses on the present. Where are you now? What do you want to accomplish in the future? The life coaching business is for the healthy, who are at a point where they need some guidance and encouragement.
So, if you’re thinking about approaching someone in the life coaching business, what can you expect? There are five top areas that I teach in my life coaching business. These areas include:
■Personal Vision
Business leaders are always talking about having vision or a mission statement, but you need to have a personal vision for your life too! You see, I think that the things you can accomplish in your personal life can be as important, or even more important than what you accomplish in business. Think about it. If you put my business strategies into place, you will spend less time at work…so then what are you going to be about when you’re not there? What is your personal legacy gonna be?
■Professional Vision
Whether you’re a CEO or an entry level employee, you need a professional vision in order to be successful. What is your approach to business going to be? Do you want to be an innovator and a trailblazer, or are you just showing up to get a pay check? What is your work ethic? Are you a ‘hit it hard and go home’ kind of person? Or are you gonna live at the JOB? You need to have a vision for your professional life and life coaching can help you explore these topics.
The life coaching business addresses your need for balance. Did you hear about the kid, who has eaten nothing but Chicken McNuggets, since she was 2 years old? That child’s system is out of balance! Likewise, if you focus on one thing to the exclusion of everything else whether it is work, a relationship, or play time, your life will get out of balance and crash. Sessions with a professional life coach can help you assess your balance and work on getting you back on track if you’re off on a tangent.
■Thinking outside the box
It is all about creativity! A person who interacts with a life coach can learn how to see things from a creative perspective. If you can tap into your creative side, you can accomplish more than those who only see things from an analytical perspective. Neurologists are doing amazing research studies on the brain and learning how to help us utilize this amazing mind we have at our disposal. Life coaches are helping people to tap into this undervalued technique of thinking outside the box.
If you are thinking about approaching someone in the life coaching business to hire as a coach and their idea of having a good time is watching paint dry…then you need to re-think your coach! All successful life coaches I have met are high energy people who embrace life, and who want you to tap into the FUN of everyday living. If your life is missing that spark, then you owe it to yourself to see how the rest of us live…you will never go back!

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