Results Improvement Through Balance:

Everyone wants results. Whether it be financial, educational, or even for your business. We all want results.

So what is the best way to do this? Ask Chris about balance. A balance between work and life. Finding this balance will leave your business more successful and your life more happy. Improving your work and life balance will ultimately improve your life and give you the results you are looking for.


Speaking Topics

Thinking Outside the Box:

Thinking outside the box. We’ve all heard this one, but have you taken it seriously? Sometimes the answers to helping your business, your job, or your life are right in front of your nose if you just take the time to think outside the box. Think outside of YOUR box. Chris offers a lot of suggestions on how to help you do this. Whether you exercise, have a drink with friends, go away for the weekend, whatever. The secret is in thinking outside the box.

Leveraging Resources for Better Results:

One of the best ways you can leverage your business is leverage your resources. Business resources may be financial, equipment, or even staff members. Chris offers some advice on the best way to leverage your business resources for the best results for your business.

3 Things Needed to Have a Successful Business

Owning and operating your own business may seem like a difficult feat. It intimidates a lot of people, which is true. Don’t get me wrong, running your own business takes time, patience, and a ton of strategic planning. But, what if I told you that there really are only three things that you absolutely need to run a successful business? You’d probably tell me to go to hell. But really, all you need is what I like to call “the three M’s”. “The Three M’s” are Model, Management, and Money. Give me a call to learn more on how “the Three M’s” can help you run a successful business!

How to Bend Time and Make Time Work For You

Do you ever say to yourself, “sheesh, there are just NOT enough hours in the day”? I think we all have. Truthfully, there are enough hours in the day, we just have too much crap to do in the course of a day. That all can change. Imagine a work and personal life where you had all the time you need to get things done and have a little you time. Well, my friend, it can be done.

How to Make $10,000/hr or More

Before you even say anything, I already know what you are thinking. How in the HELL can anyone make $10,000 per hour. Well, I’m here to tell you that I’m living proof that it CAN be done, and done well! However, accomplishing this will require getting creative and breaking a few rules, but let the pro show you how it’s done!

Other Speaking Topics:

Reducing the Time You Work:

One of Chris’s favorite mottos, and one that he is proud to live by successfully, is “live more, work less”. We should all consider this one. We spend approximately 80% of our lives at work. Who wants that? Many may feel tied to a 9-5 J.O.B., but you don’t have to be. Start living more and working less, because what else is life about other than living?

Being Yourself:

The best person you can be is yourself. It may sound a little corny, but it’s the truth. Many clients or colleagues or other business partners out there will respect you more if you be yourself. Chris has some of the best stories and methods in being himself that are proven to work. Being yourself may take time and patience, self-confidence, and patience, but it well worth it and you’ll never appreciate yourself more, or anyone else for that matter.

The Importance of Vacations:

It’s a no brainer that vacations are important. It is important for everyone to take a vacation, at least once a year. Vacationing not only gives your body and brain a rest, but it helps you clear your mind and help new, creative juices flow once you return to work. Taking a regular vacation will also keep you healthy and keep your mind fresh. Chris talks about the importance of vacationing and gives some tips on how it can help.


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