Vendor Page

This page is dedicated to on-boarding “New Vendors” who bill us for various services or products.

Step 1- Please fill out a w-9 form as required by the IRS. We can not release payment until this has been completed. Download W9 Form.

Step 2- Remit W9 form to: bill@rustedpumpkin.com. Once again payments can not be processed without a current W9 on file. Make sure to include the EIN or Social Security Number for tax reporting purposes.

Step 3- Send an Invoice

We do not accepted mailed invoices. All invoices must be submitted to bill@rustedpumpkin.com with the following information in the header of the invoice:

▪ Full name and/or Business name

▪ Address to which payment will be remitted

▪ Phone number and email address

All invoices must include the following detail for services performed:

▪ Invoice date

▪ Invoice number (please make sure this has not been used previously)

▪ Date(s) of service(s)

▪ Detailed description(s) of services performed

▪ Location of services performed (property name)

▪ Hours worked

▪ Rate of pay

▪ Subtotal for each line item (by property if applicable)

▪ Grand total at bottom


All invoices sent for payment to: bill@chrisrugh.com must include an attached PDF. Our system requires PDF documents to process. We can not accepted invoices sent to other email address or sent to a physical address. “If” you get paid expect delays of up to 4-6 weeks.


I would like to be paid faster, how can I achieve this?

▪ You are able to set up e-payments through our bill pay system – Bill.com. Provide a valid email address and you will be invited to enter your banking information through a secure online portal for direct deposit into your account.

How do I follow up to see if an invoice has been received?

▪ Email: support@chrisrugh.com. Please give 24 hours for a response.

When can I expect payment?

▪ Unless other arrangements have been made, you will receive payment within 5-10 business days. If e-payment is set-up payment can be received within 3-4 business days.

What happens after I submit an invoice?

▪ Your invoice is entered into the bill payment system, approved, and payment is then released

I have not received payment. What should I do?

▪ Email: support@chrisrugh.com. Please give 24 hours for a response.

▪ Emails to any other email address regarding payment run the risk of being lost or ending up in a SPAM folder

My Invoicing System Does Not Attach a PDF?

Most systems allow attachment of PDF’s to invoices if not we suggest you get a better system and/or complain to your software provider. If your system does not automate the process we ask that you please manually attach the PDF to your request for payment. Failure to do so may result in 4-6 week delay in payment and/or missed payments. Here are a few links to help you automate the to largest accounting programs ;

Quickbooks Accounting

Xero Accounting