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Building a Virtual Team That Supports Your Entrepreneurial Journey

In this podcast, Chris joins Stephan from the Optimized Geek and talks about leveraging and delegating, creating offshore virtual teams and managing them without painful oversight. He also discusses about minimizing distractions, focus and attention, and more.. 

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In this week’s episode:

  • [04:02] – Christopher describes a system for outsourcing that works.
  • [08:06] – Christopher gives an example of hiring 3 people to do one job and finding the best candidate. 
  • [09:36] – Christopher shares how to compare the quality of a candidate’s work: keep the same process and parameters, but differ the data.
  • [11:25] – Is Upwork the right place for hiring someone full-time? Get Christopher’s top pick for filling full-time positions.
  • [12:47] – Christopher talks about why it’s important to know the cultures of countries where you’re outsourcing. “Culture will affect how you manage your team.”
  • [14:38] – Christopher provides his process for making sure that details aren’t missed.
  • [17:26] – Christopher expresses his thoughts on Upwork’s doubled rates and supplies his process for dealing with it.
  • [19:19] – Christopher conveys his thoughts on Craigslist and why having employees from the same country is beneficial.
  • [21:35] – Christopher warns of the dangerous possibility of ignoring international labor laws.
  • [22:31] – Christopher states the process for finding ghostwriters and what impact it might have on your SEO.
  • [24:45] – Christopher advises not taking your outsourced help for granted and what mindset to avoid.
  • [27:38] – Christopher communicates his tips for eliminating distractions: stop constant task-switching and decrease attention residue.
  • [36:26] – Christopher gives his recommendation for a productive work and home environment.  
  • [39:06] – Christopher relates his experience of using AirBnb for a workspace. “It’s a great way to keep up creativity and happiness.”
  • [40:20] – Christopher mentions the impact your mindset has on productivity. Stephan shares an example of how some people will get in the flow state on a flight, while others can only watch movies or sleep.  
  • [41:55] – Christopher addresses the practice of working with music and how his strengths and weaknesses come into play. 
  • [43:29] – Christopher talks about writing a book when you aren’t a writer. He wrote an outline and recorded his thoughts on his phone. 

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