A Business Coach Makes a Difference !


Life business coaching has that unique factor which only a business coach can provide…accountability.

Before the popularity of the television show, ‘The Biggest Loser’, people who wanted to lose weight would sign up for Weight Watchers. What made these programs work over just trying to lose weight on your own was accountability. The thought of having another person weigh you and see that you were overweight or obese, was an incentive for weight loss in itself. Today, contestants on ‘The Biggest Loser’ know that not only is their coach watching their progress, but so is all of America! No pressure, right?

Life business coaching is tremendously successful for entrepreneurs because it works! The reason life business coaching works is because it is based on that same accountability factor. If another person is there to walk along side us and monitor our progress and to help us when we get stuck or reach a plateau, we are more likely to succeed. Otherwise, we bullshit and rationalize what we’re doing, and before we know it, our old habits are back.

Studies show that adults don’t like change. Why not? We are creatures of habit. We get a routine and we stick with it, even if we know that it’s unhealthy, dangerous, or not in our best interest. Studies also show that it takes 28 days to make something a habit. So whether you are trying to lose weight or reach a specific goal, the most crucial time is the first 28 days you are trying to implement it. Typically, if you give up within the first 28 days…you’re screwed. You will not take it back up or see it through.

Life business coaching can help you reach that specific goal, because the life business coach knows that change is hard, and that reaching a specific goal requires a plan. The life business coach also knows how to hold you accountable.

Let’s say you have a goal ‘to work smarter, not harder’. How do you go about this with a life business coach?

  • First, the business coach helps you articulate and ‘vision,’ what working ‘smarter’ means in your business.

  • Second, once you know what “working smarter” means in your business setting, then the life business coach can help you clearly define the goals you want to set to accomplish your vision of working smarter, not harder.

  • Third, the life business coach helps you write out a series of action steps to help you logically map out how to get from point A to point B to realize your goals.

  • Fourth, and most important, the business life coach then gets in the trenches with you to hold you accountable. They check in with you to monitor your progress. They know when to cheer you through your successes, and they know when to kick your ass to move you forward. It’s this accountability factor which cannot be undervalued.

Think about it. If we were all self-starters and disciplined, we wouldn’t need life business coaching…but most people are not. They need that outside perspective or person who can monitor their ability to ‘change’ or take on something new. They need someone to challenge them to succeed.

Before you know it, 2011 will be in your rearview mirror and you will be motoring through 2012. Make it a priority to invest in yourself and your business success by hiring a life business coach to help you identify and reach the goals which are the most important to your success for the upcoming year. You’ll be glad that you implemented life business coaching into your company framework.

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