Amazed Some People Aren't on "the Net"


Internet business opportunities are like baseball, you’ve gotta play the game before you can win!

America’s greatest past-time…baseball. You sit outdoors for a few hours, watch the competition, get some sun, and maybe even drink a few beers. Hell yeah, it’s awesome! Pro baseball season is right around the corner…and the season for Internet business opportunities is already in full swing! Follow me on this one. You really don’t wanna sit this one out. If you’re not taking advantage of Internet business opportunities…you’re missing the game.
I don’t care if you’re a stuffy law firm or a buttoned up accounting firm. You need to have at least a basic Internet presence in order to survive today. While these professions, and others, have advertising rules and limitations, you still need to have your name, contact information, and the services you provide ‘out there’ so that people can find you, and so that potential clients can read about your credentials and the type of work you do.
If you sell a product like pizza, or a service like car detailing, you need to max out on Internet business opportunities. These days you can get your message and your product out to tons of folks with coupon offers, loyal customer discounts, and membership clubs, for little or no upfront costs. If you don’t generate this type of low cost advertising for your business, you are missing the game! And you will quickly conclude that you are a dumbass because your competition is doing it and leaving you in the dust!
You also need to evaluate whether or not you are missing out by not designing an affiliate Internet marketing program. Now don’t tune me out. Affiliate marketing in the Internet age, is simply signing up other people to advertise and sell your product or service for a cut or a commission. This idea isn’t new. It’s been around forever.
For example, let’s say that you sell pet supplies…maybe you are Pets R Us. You have brick and mortar storefront locations and a website where customers can go and buy pet products. It’s doing great, but you want to expand your dynasty. One way to expand is through using affiliate marketing as another Internet business opportunity.
How does this work? You allow a ‘little guy,’ say an entrepreneur with a business called Cats R Cuddly, to become an affiliate and sell your cat supplies in one location storefront and from his or her Internet site. He or she sets up a simple Cats R Cuddly website with pictures of local pet owners’ cats, pictures of your products, and a shopping cart. When customers go to this website to see if their cute fur ball is featured, they also place orders, and you drop ship your products to his or her clients when they buy something. The little local guy gets some of the money off of the total purchase price and you have another income stream coming in.
Get it? What’s stopping you? Let me guess…fear of failure? Typical. Well, let me share this statistic. Remember the great home run hitter, Hank Aaron? He held the record, for a number of years, for the most home runs hit in a professional baseball career. Everybody knows this. What most people don’t know is that Hank Aaron also struck out 1,383 times in his career. That’s right, he heard the umpire say, “Strike three!” 1,383 times.
Internet business opportunities are no different. You’ve got to march up to the plate and play the game if you ever expect a chance at winning. So do some research, hire a business coach, and develop an action plan for implementing an Internet business opportunity into your overall business plan. You’ll hit a grand slam!