How I Got Into Business


What’s the best way to ensure your success in 2012? Interact with a business professional who’s living the business coaching life style.

Do you remember this show that first aired in the 80’s called Lifestyles of the Rich and Famous? Although I was just a kid, I used to like to watch that show. It came on way before reality TV shows like MTV’s Cribs had even been dreamt of. When I watched it, I wanted to live like a celebrity. I wanted the fancy house and cars…

Today, many people would say I have the lifestyle of a rich and famous person. While that is partially true, it would be more accurate to say that I have a business coaching life style. You see, I made my fortune in the business world, with my best known business venture being vanity phone numbers like 1-800-CONTACTS. Presently, I have a relatively new passion. It’s developing a business coaching life style.

I really get a great feeling sharing my business expertise and knowledge with business entrepreneurs. While I have a special interest in helping new business start-up owners, I love to work with the big corporate cats too. It’s because I’ve developed the business coaching life style.

I define the business coaching life style as one in which I use coaching techniques to share my insider’s knowledge of business and marketplace strategies with other business leaders. Let me demonstrate what the business coaching lifestyle is by contrasting it with business speaking.

I have been a public business speaker, or keynote speaker for years. In this setting, I give a presentation on a business topic of my choosing, or one selected by the group asking me to speak. I LOVE being a keynote speaker. It gives me a wonderful audience where I can inject humor and sarcasm into a speech on a business topic.

In recent years, after hiring a business coach for guidance with my own personal business expansion, I realized that there is a need for public speakers AND business coaches. Over the years, I have developed my own business coaching life style. It is in this setting that I am able to assist my clients to realize their greatest potential. The reason I believe this is because business coaching is tailored specifically to the individual needs and goals of the client. The coaching relationship is usually ongoing, which gives me an ability to help a client work through a crisis or crossroads, and then follow up and hold them accountable.

By comparison, when I have offered a keynote address, it is usually a more generalized, one shot deal. I speak, the audience listens, laughs, and learns, but I am not walking along side them as they apply the information I have given them to ensure that they are successful in carrying it through to completion. The business coaching lifestyle approach gives me the ability to make sure that the information is learned, applied, and modified if necessary, to realize the corporate vision, and fulfill the marketplace goals.

Living the business coaching life style has also improved my personal life. As a professional business coach, I now do a better job of assessing the areas in my own personal life where I can improve. In looking for weaknesses, and pockets of resistance that my clients have, I’ve become better at recognizing these obstacles and barriers to change in myself.

I’ve concluded that making an accurate assessment of your business or personal situation is the biggest obstacle to your overall success. If your assessment is on target, you can then develop a systematic strategy for setting goals and achieving them. For most people, a coach is needed to ensure that the right questions are asked, so that the goals can be designed to identify the best strategy for success.

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