People Do Make $10,000 an Hour


As you know, I put together this AWESOME book, therein the title, 1-800-AWESOME! How To Make $10,000 an Hour and I got a lot of crap from some people, who said it wasn’t true. Well, feast your eyes on this information I saw.

Last week, on January 14th, I was surfing the web, and what do my eyes land on? The home page for Yep, that’s right. They were doing a story all bout CEO pay. They go into this elaborate story about what the top CEOs in the land make annually and what that breaks down to on an hourly basis. Wait for it. Wait for it. I know that you’re dying to know all about it.

The article says (and it’s documented) that the top 7 CEOs make between $60 to $145 million dollars a year. This breaks down to CEO pay rates between $33,000 to $48,000 an hour; compared to the $18.00- $30.00 an hour they pay most of their employees. It gets better. The top CEO in one company earned as much money in 75 minutes at work, as an engineer with the company made in an entire year! An entire year.

So here’s your deal. Read all of the articles I have posted on my blog in the last year, or so, about entrepreneurs and leadership. Hang on my every word and follow my suggestions. The information I share with you are real business strategies. They work in the real world of business, because, I’m living them! You can actually make this type of income in your own company or business, if you know the secrets to efficiently and effectively articulate your corporate vision, have a well-thought out plan, have daily strategies to execute your plan through your experienced team, and then you get the hell out of the way! It’s not impossible. CEOs all over the world are doing it and so can you!

If you still feel like you need more detailed information, then go ahead and buy a copy of my book, 1-800Awesome. It’s jam packed with insider tips about how to oversee a profitable business. In my book, I give you my formula for success in business. I also talk about breaking the rules, and doing things that they don’t teach at Harvard business school. I give you practical leadership strategies which teach you that while you may be a visionary, you’ve got to hire great people to execute your plan on a daily basis. I also discuss how to succeed once you have mastered the skill of living outside the box.

I am confident that reading my book will put you well on your way, but if you really want individualized assistance, hire me or another business expert as your professional business coach to help you jump start your 2012. Most people find that they fail at New Year’s resolutions unless they have someone to hold them accountable and gauge their progress. It’s not a sign of weakness to need help, it is the sign of a strong, insightful entrepreneur, who knows that to succeed, you must call on outsiders to bring their expertise to the table to help you make your dream a reality. You’re no exception.

Just remember, I’m starting you off easy. I’m only trying to help you make $10,000 an hour. That’s only one-third to half what the truly fat cat CEO’s make. That’s a doable, right?

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